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Apothecary Kit

The theory of plagues and disease is a thing oft studied by scholars and physicians around the world, but even the most learned of medical practitioners are at a loss without the gift of the most modern advancements in the field. No doctor worth his salt would think to practice without the proper tools, now offered to you in one convenient package! The Apothecary Kit uses the most sophisticated materials and instruments to allow even the layman to treat himself and those around him for maladies and injuries common and rare in the New World!

An Apothecary Kit has all the medical essentials for those attempting to brave the plagues of the new world .


  • Miasma Masque --A Mask that 100% Prevents the spread of Airborne Disease--
  • Apothecary Splint --Sets a Broken Bone considerably faster and doesn't break--
  • A Leech
  • A Flask
  • 12x Charges of Columbine Paste
  • 4x Pieces of Willow Bark
  • 4x Tourniquets
  • 8x Smelling Salts
  • 2x Snake Poison Antidotes
  • 2x Snake Oil Potions

Price: $9.99

Warning: Salem features permanent death and an open loot system, which means that any items bought here might be lost in game.