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Gardener's Pack

What is more rewarding than reaching down and coaxing life out of apparently inorganic matter? The Gardener is a deity of dirt with the power to convince seeds to germinate and tubers to multiply. This pack will give the master and layman gardener the tools and equipment needed to truly maximize the efficiency of their craft.

Gardener's Pack provides many benefits to an aspiring gardener.


  • Gardener's Pot --Faster Grow Time--
  • Gardener's Shovel
  • Gardener's Cape
  • Garden Gnome
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Birchbark Origami
  • Bucket
  • Red Rose
  • Sack of Vegetables

Price: $19.99

Warning: Salem features permanent death and an open loot system, which means that any items bought here might be lost in game.