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Metallurgist's Pack

The melody of iron, the song of steel, a choir of industry guiding us into prosperity! No longer must the pilgrim wade unassisted into these difficult waters with the inclusion of the exclusive Metallurgist pack. Use the metal samples within to create new, more efficient tools that will have your fires burning and your bellows blowing at a rate that would offend even the great Hephaestus himself!

Metallurgist's Pack provides helpful tools for those who aspire to make the finest grades of metal.
*WARNING* This pack is extremely heavy and one should not buy or attempt to redeem it until they have a higher carrying weight.


  • Eternal Flame --A Never Ending Fire--
  • Hellfire Tongs
  • Metallurgist's Cape
  • Ingot Mold
  • Brick of Sodom & Gomorrah
  • Waxen Candle
  • Pig Iron Bar
  • Wrought Iron Bar
  • Blistersteel Bar

Price: $19.99

Warning: Salem features permanent death and an open loot system, which means that any items bought here might be lost in game.