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Noobie Pack

An excellent assortment of essentials from the new starting pilgrim of Salem.

The Noobie Pack provides the tools to combat early challenges with inspiration, nails, tools, storage, claims & more!.


  • 1 Writ of Homesteading --Allows you to own land in Salem--
  • Backpack --Greater carry capacity by reducing weight of items placed in it--
  • Metal Axe --Faster Tree Chopping--
  • 10 Uses of Flint & Steel --Quicker fire starting--
  • Bucket --Carries larger volumes of liquids--
  • Nails --Essential building material--
  • 36 Charges of Tenderfoot Refresher --Returns 10,000 Inspiration per charge

Price: $4.99

Warning: Salem features permanent death and an open loot system, which means that any items bought here might be lost in game.